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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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police made 61 arrests and peaceful protests happened across the nation including atlanta and chapel hill, south carolina, including the message even in 2014, the criminal justice system denies justice to african-americans. this was the scene from north broad street, live from center city is david henry. >> they stopped here at broad and cecil b. moore, and now there is just a small gaggle of protesters left on broad street, the bulk of them have moved on, we can show you they are marching down ridge avenue towards broad street and these people are out here protesting and marching because they feel they have to challenge what they consider a miscarriage of justice. >> it represents a slap in the face. i feel like i was slapped in the
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face last night by the decision. >> the decision not to prosecute darren wilson still reverberating hours later, several houn protesters gathered outside of city hall at dillworth park. inside of city hall, mayor michael nutter, echoed their sentiments saying that they have not said why the unarmed teenager was shot ten times. they were mostly black but joined by a bunch of other races. >> black lives matter and the way our nation handles violence and police brutality is awful. >> they want to make sure the justice department follows through with a civil rights case. >> the only time we are guaranteed to have a fair trial
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is when the federal government gets involved. you go back to slavery, and the civil rights movement, and with voting rights, it's the federal government. >> they continue to protest in philadelphia, but here there was no incidences of violence or looting. mayor nutter claims it's because of good communication between the protesters and the police. >> i have three sons and they never experienced that, it's more of a black on black crime and that needs to be dealt with also. >> expressions of anger and hope and a call to challenge all of this anger and rage into constructive change. david ry, channel 6 "action news." >> george stephanopoulos of abc news sat down with an exclusive interview with officer wilson,
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can you see that next on channel 6. >> the coverage of the fallout in ferguson continues on we have the latest updates along with photographs and videos of the violent reaction there. you can also find our coverage of the peaceful protests here in philadelphia. >> winter weather warnings will be in affect for much of the tri-state area tomorrow. advisories and warnings and even tonight transportation agencies are beginning to prepare local roads for what promises to be a challenging day the day before thanksgiving. most of us will get measurable snow some of it substantial. meteorologist, cecily tynan and melissa magee have the latest snow totals from ac warren and john rawlins has the latest on transportation problems. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that the ingredients are beginning to come together with this storm system. the low pressure is south of florida and tapping into moisture from the gulf of
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mexico. and it will be hugging the coast and moving quickly and that will help to pull in moisture from the atlantic. tomorrow one of the biggest travel days of the year, you can see the warnings and advisories stretching from the carolinas to eastern maine, that is about 1,000 miles, if you are trying to travel tomorrow you'll have trouble. there are changes with this system. future tracker showing the timing, it's moving in faster than we anticipated yesterday, it looks like the rain is here at 6:00, moving from the south between 3:00 and 6:00 and it's rain when it starts, but the far west suburbs changes to snow quickly at 9:00, the dark purpling that is heavy snow across the northwest suburbs, changing to snow in philadelphia at lunch time, and finally it make its to the coastline at 6:00, you can see at that point, there is not much more moisture, a race between when the cold air
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moves in and when the moisture moves out. if you are trying to get a line tomorrow, the location is key. melissa has more on that. >> we are talking about location, north and west, has more accumulations along the i-95 corridor. if you are on the roads, it's mainly wet along the i-95 corridor, but where we are anticipating higher amounts of snowfall, we are talking about big wet snowflakes that will reduce your visibility. tomorrow in our northwest suburbs from easton to lancaster, this is the hard of the hit location, heavy, wet snow and branchs are knocked down because of the wet snow and power concerns as well. along the 95 corridor from doylestown to salem and south jersey and delaware, it begins as rain and turns to wet snow and a slushy accumulation here. tomorrow along the coastal
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communities here we are calling for a soaking rain and gusts as high as 30 miles per hour, on the backside you may find a flake or two but this is a storm system for the coast with mostly rain, we'll take a closer look at the storm system on the way and more on the accumulations in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. lets switch to john rawlins live at the 30th street train station. >> the biggest impact is for drivers, about 90% of the people on the move tomorrow will be in their cars, so they will be wondering what is falling from the sky, as for the trains they are pack today and tomorrow. and a couple of inches of snow won't have much impact on the rails, the airport they are still watching and waiting.
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the forecast may slow air travel in philadelphia irk but by how much is not clear. given tomorrow say critical travel day, carriers hope that some people change their plans, they encourage people to fly out today or thursday weather than wednesday. >> ohio businessman fred -- the weather is moving in for a slow day tomorrow, i don't want to be stuck here tomorrow. the airport is struggling to pick up passengers for arrival times and to use the lot, for roads like this. the police are expected to be out in force for what is a safety issue for this holiday. >> at 30th street, amtrak is bracing for big holiday crowds. >> this is the super bowl for us here in terms of travel, the biggest travel days for the high capacity week.
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there are trains here on the corridor, and in edition we are adding extra capacity and seats, additional coaches and seats and the name of the game is moving as many people as we can. >> the road crews and railroad and the airport are all prepared, and it's up to mother nature to see what is delivered tomorrow. >> live at 30th street station, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. the "action news" morning team will be on the air earlier, with the latest on the approaching winter storm. join matt, tamala, david murphy and karen rogers for the updated forecast and road conditions, "action news" morning starts at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow on channel 6. coming up on "action news" tonight, despite the rain and potential snow, the 6 abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade will of course go on. lisa thomas-laury gives us a look at the final preparations
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on the floats tonight and the distraction of the eagles adding to the intrigue, ducis rogers has that story.
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members of new jersey governor chris christie's cabinet fanned out. he helped residents pick out all the ingredients needed for their thanksgiving meal. it was learning in action for hundreds of feltonville
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students in philadelphia. they took a break from the books and went out side to make a difference in their community. they walked the surrounding neighborhoods to raise awareness about homelessness and hunger. the countdown to the 6 abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade is well underway, it's a mad dash to complete all the decorative floats. lisa thomas-laury was at the navy yard where they were adding the last nuts and bolts. >> now in its 90th year, the philadelphia thanksgiving day parade promised to be colorful and festivity mainly because of its floats. >> it has a new color and lumber. >> this year a lot of gold and green and deep purple. >> who doesn't love a gingerbread man?
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this is new? >> we have decorating to do, props and snow and candy. >> you'll find them at the navy yard at building 603, this is the third year for the snow fairy float and floats with polar bears and penguins and a walrus and always a turkey float and the boy scouts ride on the acme float and disney is responsering three parade vehicles this one where pluto, donald and goofy out and radio disney and disney on ice. >> you won't see floats completed here, because we can't get out of the door without taking down certain props. >> this year the challenge was high winds. >> this year our challenge is rain and snow and we have to pull these out the night before the parade and they stay out all night. we are worried about wednesday night. >> there is one person that is not worried bun toy sack about
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tomorrow night thark is the jolly old man perched on top of this float. he never let a little snow spoil his parade. >> and good news for the floats, that rain and snow should end by 8:00, so they should have a dry night outside. join us on the parkway for the 90th annual 6 abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. or watch it in the comfort of your home. rick williams and cecily tynan will be the hosts. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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the pennsylvania lottery. benefits older pennsylvanians every day. so there are depth issues on the defensive side of the ball. >> he has a groin issue because the birds will thin at the linebacker position. dallas week is always crazy and as jaime apody tells us that one
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bird may have added to it. >> on a short week heading into a huge game against their top rival the last thing the eagles need is a distraction. reilly cooper was asked about his playing time was cut down, the reason jeremy maclin commented and was not too pleased. >> that was not a smart thing for coopto say. >> is that true? >> no. >> coopwas asked to clarify and said he was joking. >> i'm suppose to sub every four plays and that is what i do. maclin is a better player and he doesn't have to sub, i guess i shouldn't have said that yesterday. >> now on to the task at hand, the cowboys on turkey day. the eagles made five appearances on turkey day and have never lost. it would mean so much of them to
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extend that streak to six straight in a rivalry that is as big as they come. >> it's bigger than me and bigger than this team, they have been going at it for so long and the stakes what they are, two good teams playing good football and the chance to take over first place in the division, it's a big game for us. >> and obviously the fans can't stand the cowboys, they have beening isful successful for so long, america's team, it stems the hatred. >> the cowboys are suseptable, especially at home they are 3-3. >> cowboys are coming off a short week, tony romo feels his team is playing at a high level. our team gets better and better as the season goes on and it's our chance to take it to another
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notch playing against a great football team that will bring great and guy and we understand how important this game is for both teams and it will be fun to see them try to attack us. >> try and attack us? >> there is no need to wait until sunday for game day final. testimonies could your way thursday and we'll have a one-on-one interview with chip kelly. la salle is hosting francis and finally this is not equal to the catch of the year for monday night but this is pretty nice. look at this, robert woods of the bills made a one handed grab in their win against the jets, check that helmet for magnets. fans spread across delaware
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to deliver 3,000 turkeys and some of those birds were put in the hands of residents at the compton towers in wilmington.
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lots to talk about, cecily tynan and once again it's location, location. >> it is tonight the calm before the storm. if you need to travel do it now. it's okay now. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we have dry conditions out there tonight,
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storm tracker is going to be lit up with colors by tomorrow morning though, and the national weather service has now issued winter storm warnings and the areas in pink are in line with where to expect the heaviest totals. upper bucks and lancaster, berks county, the lehigh valley and the poconos and then the areas in purple, these are the advisories including delaware and philadelphia and mercer county, we'll get some accumulation here but the higher accumulation is the far north and west suburbs. yesterday was in the 70s and right now philadelphia 51 and millville 50 and allentown 44 degrees, that moisture is fighting the warm air as it moves in and that will start as rain, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing clouded streaming in ahead of the storm system and
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the storm system itself is in the gulf of mexico. and this is intensifying quickly and it is a fast moving storm and it's racing out at 40 miles per hour. there is limited time to get heavy accumulation in the city and one thing i am concerned about, is this low pressure, it will whip up the wind at 30 miles per hour. it's a heavy wet snow, those areas under the winter storm warnings, i suggest you prepare for winter storm outages, the moisture is here by 7:00, except for the poconos with snow mixing with rain and changes over to snow quickly and the north and west suburbs, some of it is heavy by 10:30 and the line is getting close to philadelphia, changing to snow in philadelphia by 10:00 and 1:00, and it takes its time moving into south jersey, the end of the system at
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5:00, 6:00, this is when the far southern parts of new jersey are seeing the snow and it's out by 9:00, it moves in quickly and out quickly. far southern new jersey and delaware this is mainly a rain event and snow at the end and it doesn't have time to couple late. the i-95 corridor in wilmington and trenton and we see 1 to 3 inches of snow on the grassy surface, the problem is 3 to 6 inches of wet, heavy snow, one change i made is to include the lehigh valley in the 6 plus zone, if you plan to visit grandma in quakertown, i suggest you do it tonight because there are problems, the good news is for the philadelphia 6 abc thanksgiving day parade, the moisture is out of here and it will be chilly and the temperature is 33 at 8:00 and
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10: 10:00, 30 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, rain in the morning changing to wet snow from the northwest to the southeast and 40 is the high, thursday 40 degrees is the afternoon high and friday for the shoppers, chilly and 39 degrees and then temperatures bee rebound, saturday partly sunny and 43 and sunday 55 and monday mostly cloudy and 52 and tuesday a high of 47 degrees, the snowfall totals are not set in stone, i'll have an update on "action news" at 11:00. and can you follow me on twitter, i'll answer questions when i'm not on the air. lions will be roaring again at the cape may county zoo. 3-year-old siblings, lex and sasha are a pair that replaces brute the 6-year-old lion who
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died last may. abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, and shirleen allicot and ducis rogers, and here at 11:00 on channel 6, consumer reporter, nydia han has bargains for you and they are exclusive to our channel 6 viewers. >> no matter what you are looking for we have a deal for you in our play book. bruty, toys, electronics and food. follow #~ 6 abc deals throughout the day, and get more deals by watching your entire black friday play book tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking his silence. the police officer at the sent of the case in ferguson. darren wilson, one-on-one with george stephanopoulos. what he says happened in those 90 seconds. in that patrol car and afterward. and the family of michael brown, inside the room when the prosecutor calls. also tonight, roaring up the coast at this hour, the thanksgiving nor'easter, hitting just as millions travel for the holiday. under surveillance in the u.s. two men charged with trying to join isis. one trailed to the minneapolis airport. did the other slip away? and the massive jewelry heist tonight. the shootout, the escape. and the standoff. good evening.


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